Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Global Mobile Handset Manufacturer:

What did we deliver:
We were asked by a global mobile phone manufacturer to assess, understand and help improve sales effectiveness through retail channels across several European countries.

We created and ran a Pan European secret shopper campaign to establish the product knowledge, and brand perception of our client in their major retailers. It was clear from our consumer research and shopper insights that for a variety of reasons, our client’s products were not being promoted as a preferred brand in the retail environment.

As a direct result of the work done our client created a new sales strategy and product training programme with their retail partners resulting in significantly improved performance in this channel.

Case Study 2:

Global Consumer Electronics Company:

ASK4Insights was approached by a global consumer electronics giant to undertake a horizon planning study over a 2 year period.

What did we deliver:
This particular company required an insight into the changing shape of consumer electronics retail in Europe. They needed to predict the potentially disruptive impact of a new entrant in the consumer electronic retail market.

ASK4Insights carried out accompanied shops, stake holder interviews, desk research and store observations to establish the risk posed by this new retailer. Through these various research methods we presented our client with a detailed analysis of different future scenarios with a clear recommendation based on our findings.

This insight allowed them to better understand the opportunities and threat of the changing retail market, and to adapt their sales channel strategy accordingly across Europe.